Kosher certified wigs are manufactured with rabbinic supervision verifying that no hair from India has been used. We are glad to offer to you Clary’s wigs and falls that are approved by Rabbi Gross from Israel. Nothing duplicates the natural beauty, shine, texture and color of human hair. All Clary’s wigs and falls are made from 100% natural  European human hair – never dyed, bleached, permed, waved or processed.

With proper care Clary’s wigs have a lifetime of at least 10 YEARS or longer. All their wigs are very beautiful, but their specialties are curly and wavy wigs. The hair for each curly and waving wig is carefully selected to highlight the hair’s natural curl, bounce and luster. Since the texture is 100% natural, wet hair springs back into shape as it dries and requires no extra styling.

Beside beautiful kosher wigs, we are offering professional REPAIRS for sheitels   - bald spots, rips, resizing, adding the lace on the front, adding the length of the hair on your sheitel.

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